WebSDR (Software Defined Radio receivers) connected to the internet via a server permit a number of simultaneous connections allowing listeners to independently tune any frequency within the band offered and hear the signals via their own computer audio output (speaker).

These Web SDR's are established and operated by individual amateur radio operators, radio clubs and universities around the world.

world sdr map

Available WebSDR's are also shown on a Google world map.

Each website offers similar features to operate the WebSDR, firstly an introduction to the sponsor and their installation, followed by a spectrum or waterfall display for the band selected in the various selection boxes.
The type of modulation and filter bandwidth can also be selected to suit the signals you wish to monitor.

The recent introduction of HTML 5 allows for the WebSDR's audio stream through your browser (Google Chrome, Google Edge, Opera and Firefox) Any of these enable full access to any of the WebSDR's in the list (No need to use Java).

Internet Explorer is not supported. In this case you could simply download one of the browsers above and store in your system tray i.e. no need to set as your default browser unless you wish to do so of course.

So lets get started - here is a selection of WebSDR's in the UK. You will notice they offer a range of different bands to monitor. The first is Hack Green - Great for monitoring the Sunday morning MSARS 80m club net!

N.B. If there is no audio make sure that you have opened up the WebSDR in one of the browsers above.

iPad Users: Click 'IOS audio start' which you will find on the RH side at top of the waterfall next to HTML5 button


Web SDR Name Location Bands Covered Link
Hack Green HF Nantwich Cheshire 160m; 80m; 60m; 40m; 20m; 17m. http://hackgreensdr.org:8901/
Hack Green VHF UHF Nantwich Cheshire 70cm 2m 4m + (10m) http://hackgreensdr.org:8902/
Southampton Wireless Society Farnham

LF 2m 70cm 3cm +

Follow the ISS, Funcube-1 and High Altitude Balloon Transmissions on the Satellite Tracking Map

University of Twente Enschede, Netherlands

0-29MHz continuous

Includes WSPR and Chirp Receivers


Full instructions on their site

General list of sites
Over 100 SDR's

For the latest list click:


Club Nets Times

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0800 HF 3.74MHz +/- QRM

1100 VHF 145.350MHz

Weekdays Mon-Fri

1330 HF 21.330MHz +/- QRM

Wednesday Evening

2000 VHF 145.350MHz

You are very welcome to join in with us on any of our nets.

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