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For those that wish to move onwards and upwards from the Foundation level licence, applications are now open for what is probably regarded as the best distance learning course in the country.

Co-hosted and managed by training supremo Steve Hartley G0FUW, the Bath-Based Distance Learning (BBDL) course is bang up to date with the latest syllabus and RSGB training manual and available places will probably be snatched up within a few days. So if you're an M3, M6 or M7 and aspire to be a 2E0, then you should definitely be one of those early applicants.

The MSARS training programme hasn't been formally restarted as yet after the pandemic, but there are several club members who would be only too willing to help and support any other club member who wants to reach the Intermediate level. Training has always been something the club has excelled at, and we definitely want to get back to that as soon as possible.

The Bath-Based Distance Learning course for Intermediate level will run from January to May 2022.

The closing date is 15 December 2021.

All applicants must complete some pre-course work using BBDL systems.

A Full licence course will run from August to December 2022.

More information is available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communication via the aurora - 12th November 2021

Communication by radio amateurs via the aurora borealis (and indeed via the aurora australis in the southern hemisphere) can only be described as sporadic. Like Sporadic E, it’s a mechanism supported when several atmospheric and geomagnetic effects align. And it occurs in the thermosphere, around 110km up. But just because there’s a visible light show does not mean radio propagation will be supported. So why, and how often, do radio auroras occur? Can I participate south of the border? What do I have to do to exploit them? How will I know if there’s an aurora in progress? How can I design my station to maximise both chances and DX outcome? And how can I predict when a radio aurora is going to happen?

John Berry GM8JBJ will cover the full science and practice of communications via radio auroras.

Communications via the Aurora: a talk to MSARS
Friday, 12 November · 20:00 - 21:15

Google Meet joining info:
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/cxc-nnvm-bos

Build a working FM radio in 24 steps!

Advent Calendar Radio Project

Merv M0WVE has committed to complete this project day by day during December and post the experimental results of each sub-project on our Facebook page. I'd buy that for a dollar (approx 50p GBP).


Going once. Going twice...

Chris M1CSE as auctioneer, Mike G8KMP as runner and Dave M0LDP as cashier

Some professional-level auction room deportment was clearly in evidence at last week's Surplus Equipment Sale, with Chief Auctioneer Chris M1CSE, ably assisted by Peter G4AKG working their way through a bumper collection of both radio and non-radio related goodies.

Chris M1CSE is bargain hunting, whilst Merv M0WVE already seems to have collected quite a pile

Numbers were noticeably down this year, several members being extra-cautious with regard to the blasted virus whose name we shall not mention, but I have to tell you that those that did show up snagged some ridiculous bargains. These included a working (or at least it is now...) Yaesu FT101 for a fiver. I may have got that horribly wrong, but I don't think so! Other lots were going for silly money too, like 50p or £1. A shame in some ways, but the society more than covered its costs, sellers got shot of stuff they no longer needed, and a whole load or hardware got recycled, which has got to be a good thing.

Attendees were also treated to freshly-prepared food and drink, and it was (as you can see) served with a smile. I think that price list was recycled from the 1970's... surely you can't buy a homemade cheese straw for 50p?

Stella M6ZRJ and Val - Service with a Smile

So in 2022, when we have our next junk sale, you'll know to get down there with a pocketful of cash. You wouldn't want to miss out a second time, right?

I'll not name everyone involved, but thanks go to all the helpers on the night, all the sellers for lugging your gear to the hall, and all the buyers for taking it away again. Thanks to Russell for supplying much of the junk and presiding over the raffle, and thanks also to Alan G8YKV who responded to my request for the photos in this article.

Please come and support our 2021 Surplus Equipment Sale at Starford Hall (the upstairs room at Cyprus Hall) this Friday.

All manner of rubbish to fill that last remaining space in your existing junk pile.

In fact, why don't you bring some of your old junk to swap for some new junk?

A 15% commission from each sale goes into club funds, and every little helps. Come hungry too, as food and drinks are available.

All the details are on our events page here: MSARS Junk Sale 2021