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If not, why not?

Anyway, skittles are back on the menu this Friday night.

No, not that type of skittles - you're supposed to be on a diet!


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RSGB LogoToday the RSGB have released the new September 2021 edition of RadCom Basics. RadCom Basics is a bi-monthly digital publication that explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward and accessible way. It's therefore ideal for beginners, newcomers and those who want inspiration or even to just brush up on some of the basics.

It's a companion publication of RadCom (the RSGB’s excellent monthly magazine) and RadCom Plus (the RSGB’s digital technical supplement).

The new edition has been released on the RSGB website and is a members' only service. You can read more about the publication here: https://rsgb.org/main/publications-archives/radcom-basics

In this edition:

ICNIRP compliance, RSGB Teams and RadCom Basics correspondence
A brief overview of ICNIRP compliance, RSGB Teams and more.

Entering a contest – part two
How to become more effective in contests

Build your own Digital Hotspot
An easy guide to build your own Hotspot

Online callbooks
Do you make good use of QRZ.com, QRZCQ and HamQTH?

Getting started in Logbook of The World – part one
A step-by-step guide to the ARRL’s LoTW and what it can do for chasing DXCC awards

Index of RadCom Basics articles, editions 1 to 24
Helps you find recent articles in RadCom Basics (updated this month).

International Amateur Radio Union LogoThe IARU Region 1 Political Relations Committee, PRC, has responded to two recent European Commission consultations to promote the amateur radio viewpoint. In the case of the consultation on ‘Designing mobile phones and tablets to be sustainable - ecodesign’ the PRC responded with a written submission.

It is expected to set a precedent for all wireless equipment needing to be ‘greener’ in due course.

In the second instance, the consultation on the Delegated Act under the Radio Equipment Directive on the subject of ‘Internet-connected radio equipment and wearable radio equipment’, the IARU response was one of 26 received by the Commission.

The Delegated Act aims at strengthening the security of internet-connected devices, most of which are expected to be part of the Internet of Things, and of wearable radio equipment.

LoRa LogoNB-IoT LogoHowever, the IARU has concerns as to how the Act will be implemented and how it might affect amateur radio. Currently, the two allocated frequencies for IOT devices within the EU are 868MHz and 433MHz. The latter obviously overlaps the 70cms band, under the banner of ISM - Industrial, Scientific and Medical. 868MHz seems to be the popular choice right now, but these bands are likely to become increasingly busy in the very near future and a highly prized asset for IOT businesses and LPWAN network providers.

Not a bad part of the world to live, is it?

Phil G4UDU enjoying some 20M portable QRP operating with the Elecraft up at Devil's Dyke.

Devil's Dyke Amateur Radio

Elecraft make some of the best kit for portable work

Events calendar updatesStella M6ZRJ is doing a grand job of rustling up some Friday evening entertainment for us all.

Firstly, skittles night has moved to the 1st of October to make way for a talk (on the 24th September) by Sue G6YPY on her relocation to France.

15th of October is a talk by John Wymer - How to Design & Build RF Power Amplifiers.

John Berry GM8JBJ has kindly offered to give a talk on auroral propagation on the 12th of November. It will be hosted live via web link at Cyprus Hall from John's home in Scotland, and online participation will be made available to everyone not attending the hall in person.

Finally, (ahem, drum roll please...) the long-awaited Junk Sale is back - scheduled for the 22nd of October! People's under-stairs cupboards, garden sheds, garages and coal bunkers must surely overfloweth with the backlog of bin fodder by now. Time to set yourself free and pass it all on to someone else.

Oh, and finally finally, Christmas Dinner will now happen sometime in the new year due to popular opinion - more details to follow.

Big thanks to Stella for bringing these events together and letting me know about them, as well as all the other people working hard behind the scenes to get the club back to where it needs to be.

Berni M0XYF