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I have today updated the MSARS website cookie policy. Whilst I don't expect a torrent of interest in this notice, I want to be completely transparent to all our website visitors. I have let the new website organically permeate into the search engine indices of the world for the last nine months, but now it's time to exert some influence and ratchet up our profile a little bit. To do this effectively, I have registered the website with the Google Search Console, which will basically let us see what visitors to our site searched for in Google to bring them here. The long and the short of it is that we can use that to tailor some of our content (or at least to position it optimally) to generate more interest and ultimately to grow the club.

Here is the updated paragraph:

We do not use, or indeed condone, the use of cookies or any other technology for tracking, advertising or general profiling purposes. We do however subscribe to Google Analytics through the Google Search Console programme. We only do this to better understand which search terms bring people to our website so that we can improve and focus our content on what you want to see. If you choose to use the Google search engine, you will already have consented to Google using your search data for their own uses. Should you wish to avoid this, there are many other excellent search engines out there such as DuckDuckGo.

At the end of the year, I will produce some traffic analysis, which in itself might sound as boring as a top-band net (come on, I'm ready for you!) but you might well be surprised.