RF Power AmplifiersA Talk by Jon Wymer

Next Friday night at the hall (15th October 2021), we are lucky enough to have Jon Wymer along to talk about this fascinating subject. A subject which generates much interest and discussion amongst amateurs. Foundation level licencees may very well be happy with their 10 watt power allocation, whilst many full licence holders will never use more than the typical 100W output from their off-the-shelf radios. But there is more to it than that, and what does it take to boost RF output anyway? Wouldn't it be interesting to increase the somewhat lower power ratings your radio produces on VHF and UHF? Jon will be bringing some example hardware, old and new to look at. What you need to bring are some questions and maybe some biscuits. I've told you before, I like those pink wafer ones.

We will be livestreaming this event on Zoom, so that other members who cannot be there will be able to join in too. Sounds like one not to be missed.

The new, improved quality video (we hope!) will also be available after the event via our Video Page and on our YouTube channel. The link for the Zoom livestream is here:


This event is open to non-members as well as members. Please feel free to watch live, courtesy of the Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society!

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