International Amateur Radio Union LogoThe IARU Region 1 Political Relations Committee, PRC, has responded to two recent European Commission consultations to promote the amateur radio viewpoint. In the case of the consultation on ‘Designing mobile phones and tablets to be sustainable - ecodesign’ the PRC responded with a written submission.

It is expected to set a precedent for all wireless equipment needing to be ‘greener’ in due course.

In the second instance, the consultation on the Delegated Act under the Radio Equipment Directive on the subject of ‘Internet-connected radio equipment and wearable radio equipment’, the IARU response was one of 26 received by the Commission.

The Delegated Act aims at strengthening the security of internet-connected devices, most of which are expected to be part of the Internet of Things, and of wearable radio equipment.

LoRa LogoNB-IoT LogoHowever, the IARU has concerns as to how the Act will be implemented and how it might affect amateur radio. Currently, the two allocated frequencies for IOT devices within the EU are 868MHz and 433MHz. The latter obviously overlaps the 70cms band, under the banner of ISM - Industrial, Scientific and Medical. 868MHz seems to be the popular choice right now, but these bands are likely to become increasingly busy in the very near future and a highly prized asset for IOT businesses and LPWAN network providers.