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This is a very different version of the guidelines than the previous one. Gone are the old flowchart/decision tree logic diagrams and in come simplified if/then/goto/return directions that many of us may be familiar with from the BASIC programming of yesteryear or from completing the recent online census. In this case that may be for the best, as simplicity and clarity are surely what are required right now. It's particularly important when you consider the potential damage the whole EMF compliance issue may have on inducting new amateurs into the hobby. It really shouldn't be very difficult at all for new licensees to demonstrate compliance.

I was very happy to locate this nugget in the 'Other Questions' section at the end of the document too. It's something that I was hoping for. A common sense acknowledgement that you can 'assess for the worst case' and that would automatically cover any subsequent minor changes you make to your station setup which are only likely produce lower levels of exposure.

"You will only need to reassess compliance if you make changes to your equipment which is likely to increase the EMF exposure levels in any area where a member of the general public is or can be expected to be present. This could happen if, for example, you change or adjust the antenna or make other permanent technical changes to the equipment."

I think it indicates a reasonable approach to producing your compliance documentation, but it doesn't excuse you from doing the initial hard yards. You'll still have to have an assessment for each band/antenna/mode combination you operate on at a minimum. Note also the use of the word 'permanent'. The 'Pre-Assessed Configuration' concept otherwise referred to as the 'Compliant by design' approach is also a useful quick-fix, but come on... it's taken the RSGB months and months to come up with the documentation for a half wave dipole for goodness sake. What is any of that going to do to encourage experimenting with antennas?

One final highlight I discovered is that I have now correctly re-classified my good lady wife as a 'Worker' and so no longer have to worry about irradiating her. It was easier than asking her to sit the Foundation exam.

Here is a copy of the guidelines in full:

and here is a link to the RSGB website page which looks like it's being kept up to date with all the other various links to helpful resources:


Berni M0XYF