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ARISSYou have a two-day window (today and tomorrow) to try and receive Slow-Scan TV pictures transmitted from the International Space Station using the callsign RS0ISS. The frequency used will be 145.800MHz FM, and will probably employ SSTV PD120 format. The radio used will be a Kenwood TM-D710.

The transmissions will be made as part of the Moscow Aviation Institute's SSTV experiments (MAI-75), and are specifically intended to be made during orbits over Moscow, but many other amateurs underneath the track of these passes will have the opportunity to capture the images too, including those in Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania.

RS0ISS SSTV image, captured June 2021 Transmission times are slated for:

Wednesday 9th June between 09:35 and 13:50

Thursday 10th June between 08:55 an 15:50

All times are UTC and are subject to change.

Predicted overflight times for the International Space Station can be viewed on the AMSAT website:



Additional transmission dates have now been announced:

Transmissions will start at around 0940 UTC on the 21st of June and images will be transmitted continuously until approximately 1830 UTC on the 26th of June.