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MSARS President Ken Gibson G3WYN

At the beginning of the new cycle the band conditions allowing better propagation are starting to become evident and participants in the HF nets are hearing each other on a regular basis. Sometimes everyone on the nets can hear all of the other members! That makes for better net control but all those involved are grateful and it’s good to have regular nets comprising 10 or 12 members all talking to each other.

These HF nets were set up to keep in touch with MSARS members who have moved away and to allow us to talk to other friends overseas and now we have regular contacts with Terry G0SWS, John GM8JBJ, Bob N4XAT, Barry SA7GDB, and David WB1EAD joining the Burgess Hill members on a daily basis.

This is a good test of the Burgess Hill antennas - some good, some very good and some in need of a little more TLC which becomes evident in the reports received from overseas. Ray M7AOE with just 10 watts to home made antennas has proved the point - everyone overseas can hear him in amongst the 400 watt signals from other members!

Local contacts are taken care of by the HY, 2M, 70cm and Zoom nets, all of which are just as important to allow those members with no room for HF antennas to also keep in touch. The net times also vary from early Sunday morning to late at night throughout the week allowing members a choice of operating times.

So, if you do not already participate in one or other of these nets and would like to chat to other MSARS members come and join us. You would be very welcome and the discussions which take place on a variety of subjects (not always radio related) might be helpful to you and will certainly keep you amused!

Take care all of you. One day we’ll be able to meet face to face again. Until then, 73 and let’s hear you on the nets soon.

Ken G3WYN.