Thought I'd post a couple of photos of this because I was just so disappointed with it. I bought this because I could see it was clearly from the same manufacturer that supplied MFJ with their MFJ-7404. Same two blades, same retained allen key and adjusting screws to set the depth of cut of each of the blades. This also comes in a 3-blade version. Basically, it's rubbish, so avoid buying one. One of the adjusting screws doesn't even line up with the back edge of the cutting blade. Regardless of that fact, the adjustment for the blade which cuts the outer sheath of the coax (RG213 in my case) can't be set shallow enough to avoid slicing straight through the braid and then half way through the dielectric.

They come in different models apparently, but this was marked 'HT322S' and was specified as suitable for RG213. It isn't. If anyone has bought a cheap coax stripper that actually works, then please let me know as the boss is threatening to take away all my sharp objects 'for my own good'.