Phil Brown M5BTB has had a fair amount of ex-GB3HY repeater equipment stored in his garage of late.

That was until today, when it was collected by Gavin G6DGK.

I believe that the intention is that if enough of it can be restored to working order (some of it has suffered from sitting around) then it will be donated to the Hastings Repeater Group.

Gordon King G3XTH writes:

"Just a report from Ian G0TJH relating to the Tait equipment. As I expected the storage over many years would possibly have caused problems.

Interesting to note that GB7ZE is both an analogue and a DMR repeater. As it uses only half the channel's bandwidth, it will support both at the same time. It's well worth looking at the GB7ZE Facebook page for more information.

The TX is working but none of the RX`s worked (not tested the second TX yet). All have suffered from the common fault of leaking caps on the CTCSS board. Replaced these and got two RX's working.

One set of filters re-tuned to RB2 with no problem. The second set need stripping down and the finger stock requires cleaning...... a job for another day. The Callsign of the repeater is GB7ZE - Hastings, and the keeper is Jamie Somerville

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