The RSGB has released a draft syllabus today for an additional exam type, allowing unlicenced newcomers to attain a full amateur radio licence in a single exam sitting - that is ONE exam, not a combination of the three existing exams.

Known currently as 'Direct-to-Full' it will allow an additional pathway into the hobby for those individuals that perhaps already have plenty of RF engineering experience and want a fast-path to the highest level qualification. This is reminiscent of the old Radio Amateurs Exam (RAE) in the last few years of that regime.


Key bullet points

  • A single 75-question multiple-choice exam (2.5 hours)
  • Available online only, not via clubs
  • Theory-only, no practicals
  • Pass mark 50/75 (67%)
  • As per existing online exams, instant results at the end of the exam, and if passed, callsign typically within a week
  • This is in addition to the existing Foundation > Intermediate > Full route


The Consultation

The background to this consultation and a link to the proposed syllabus can be found on the RSGB website:

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