On Friday last (9th Aug) we held our Treasure Hunt.

This was hosted by Alan and Stella, who decided to revive a format that had been used many years previously hence turning it into a Measure Hunt.

The idea being that even if you got back in the shortest time, and had answered all the questions correctly, collected all the random bits asked for along the way, you may still not be the winner of the Hunt.



We had five teams that took part - they were:-

1) Kim G7AIE & Sue G6YPY
2) Mike G8KMP, Tony G3XQM & Peter G4AKG
3) Russell G7TMR & Val XYL
4) Mike G1TDL & Sue XYL
5) Del 2E0KDL & family



Once each team had given the mileage reading to Alan prior to leaving Cyprus Hall carpark, it was then entirely up to each team, which way round they went, visiting the four locations marked on the maps, prior to meeting back at the finishing point (The Acorn) at the Premier Inn Burgess Hill, by Tesco's



We had set five questions in or around each location, plus there was one final one just as you came in through the doors of the pub from the carpark.


While Alan & Stella sorted the marking on the spreadsheet, all those that took part had a well deserved drink or two, some even shared some crisps and lovely they were too.



The team in 1st place was:-
Kim G7AIE & Sue G6YPY.

Followed by
Russell G7TMR & Val XYL,

Mike G8KMP, Tony GXQM & Peter G4AKG.

Del 2E0KDL & family.

Mike G1TDL & Sue XYL.

N.B.Sue and Kim won the treasure hunt by just one point from Russell and Val - Ed.



The 1st placed team won with 65 points and the 5th team came in with 45 points. Everyone appeared to have had a good time, although we thought maybe the next one could be on a Sunday morning ending at a pub for lunch. Perhaps you could send some feedback to the chairman letting him know if you would like to try this out? We used to do it many, many years ago, perhaps we could try this again.



Photos supplied by Tony G3XQM & Alan G8YKV

Stella M6ZRJ



Cheers everyone and here's to the next time.

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