Excellent fun. So happy that everything worked out today. Not got it yet?

So, I made arrangements with Bob N4XAT beforehand, and had him install a piece of software on his Windows computer. Then he plugged in a computer microphone. That's it.

At this end in Burgess Hill, I created a login for N4XAT on a dedicated Yaesu hardware box that lives in my shack - on top of my Yaesu FTDX10.

When Bob starts the software on his computer in New Jersey, it logs him into my radio in Burgess Hill. The software he sees looks very similar to the front of my actual radio, and directly operates all its functions. Bob changes frequency, my radio changes frequency. No discernible 'lag'.

It has an on-screen PTT button, which when pressed, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Bob G/N4XAT, live and direct on the MSARS lunchtime net, using my radio and my antenna. Real radio. No phone patch, no Facebook Messenger, no Zoom, no intermediaries.

And when I say that, I'm not knocking what Dick has done in the past, because that was excellent, I'm just once again trying to demonstrate what we can have as a club in the near future.

So to make this clear, this is nothing to do with the WebSDR or any other SDR. This is completely separate. In a perfect world, the WebSDR would be somewhere other than the shack. Somewhere far away from any transmitter, and preferably from all QRM, but that's another quest, and I'm all quested-out right now.

This is the Yaesu equivalent of a FlexRadio system. Icom have a similar offering, though in my opinion it's probably the poor relation. Neither really stack up to the Flex offerings, but they do work in a similar way. Today's demonstration shows exactly what we need to get done in the shack and why. This is what's behind my fundraising efforts and why I keep banging on about all this stuff so much.

Totally wonderful to hear the joy in old friend's voices.

Thanks Bob if you're reading this, and I hope you found it fun. We'll definitely do this again, when both Bob and I are around to set it up (which is only really about our availability, and not the effort). I think we're going to be doing some more testing tomorrow (Wednesday) so jump on the 15m net if you want to say hi.

Berni M0XYF

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