Town Day is nearly upon us - in fact it's THIS SUNDAY 19th June at St. Johns Park in Burgess Hill, and once again the club are represented with our own pitch. This year is going to be a little bit different. We're going with less comfort and more technology.

It sounds pretty exciting considering it's almost been thrown together in a few days. Gone is the Club's operating trailer, gone is the heavy-duty Clarke mast and guy wires and gone is the G5RV. With less members committing to attend, and more paperwork and safety stuff to worry about than ever before, we're going relatively lightweight but with a strong emphasis on high-tech visuals and graphic displays. Laptops, SDR's, hotspots and large computer monitors will be in evidence, and we won't be doing that much operating - this is not just a jolly day out for us - we'll be trying to hook unsuspecting members of the public into the world of modern radio communications.

Alan and Stella have printed out some full-colour RSGB leaflets, and several members will be bringing their own hardware and software, antennas, event shelters, generators and sun-screen, because it looks like we're going to need it. What we could also do with is a couple of extra folding tables and a few more smiling amateurs to make the whole thing really convincing, so PLEASE come and support us if at all possible on Sunday 19th June from around 10:00am until we pack up at just after 15:00.

This is absolutely the best opportunity of the year for us to promote amateur radio to the general public. If you care about the future of the Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society, you'll be there at some point during the day.

Here is a not-to-scale layout of the park, showing where all the relevant pitches will be, including ours marked 'C':

Our on-site location is not dissimilar to previous years, which means we may well be able to make use of a nearby tree to help elevate an antenna wire or two, which is handy.

Talking of which, although the famous G5RV antenna won't be on-site, excitingly the callsign will most definitely be in use, and it'll be going digital for the first time ever!

Can you imagine the pileup on FT8? No, neither can we, so we'll press some buttons and see what happens. We've also registered the Special Event Station callsign GB1BH for the day.

Please support us if you can, and bring your family for the 2022 return of the Burgess Hill Summer Fair.

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