As in previous years I present my analysis of the Club’s HF nets for your consideration. 2020 was a difficult year to say the least with HF conditions and other factors which I hope are now behind us affecting attendances. Nevertheless, numbers on both nets increased as you can see from the following.


The Sunday Morning 80M Net (From 8am clocktime on 3.740 Mhz.+/-)

13 MSARS members called In, one more than last year with Phil testing antennas from several portable locations as usual. 27 non members visited us including one or two who should have paid their subs but failed to do so and so are listed as non members. You know who you are!

We were glad to welcome the return of Terry, G0SWS after his hospitalisation and wish him a speedy recovery.

Bob, N4XAT tells me that he sometimes heard us via one or other of the SDR sites even at that time in the morning.

A newcomer this year was Alain, F4GHB from Burgundy who is by now a regular call in, thanks Alain for joining us.

There were a total of 40 attendees, 5 down on last year, not surprising due to the drop off in conditions during the year. Meantime Sean and I notched up 50 more contacts between us to bring our total to 1942 contacts since 1977.


The Weekday 20M Net at 1330 clocktime on 14.345 Mhz Monday-Friday.

The difficulties that we have all faced during 2020 forcing many of us to stay at home resulted in an upturn in the number of MSARS members joining the lunchtime nets. 15 members called in during the year up from 9 the previous year and 34 other non-member stations made a total of 49 participants.

Bob, N4XAT was regularly heard on CW sometimes directly from his magloop in New Jersey and his daily sitreps were a boon to those testing antennas. Thanks again Bob.

David, WB1EAD in Maine was again a regular showing how conditions on 20m are getting better as the new cycle starts to improve. Another newcomer was Barry SA7GDB an Englishman living in Sweden who gives me 5/9+20 sometimes and is another of our frequent visitors.

Some of us, including me have had trouble with our equipment and antennas during the year and these daily nets are an ideal place to look for help or components to solve our problems although at this time we are not allowed to visit one and another’s QTH to help with antennas.

The nets are a boon to those of us now living alone and this aspect of amateur radio cannot be overstated.

I hope that later in the year the restrictions can be relaxed and that face to face meetings can take place. In the meantime, take advantage of your licence, and keep in touch over the air as often as you can. You will be made very welcome. Keep the overs short but join in as often as you can.

73, Ken , G3WYN.

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