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I haven't had a chance to 'set this up' yet (it'll only need a few configuration tweaks) but it should be available for our next scheduled event, which at this stage looks to be next Wednesday nights GB3HY repeater net. I'll be posting the new link when I have it, and will change the link on the website too, so you'll always be able to find it in the future. No more 40 minute time limit for us!

Thanks to Alan and Stella for sorting this out.

Berni M0XYF.


The setup is now complete. I ended up making loads of little changes, so we'll sort out any minor inconveniences and glitches as we go.

The new link for all MSARS Zoom meetings is https://us06web.zoom.us/j/8414128865?pwd=NmNSamMxYWVHNWlZbk54OXVIUGIzQT09

I have updated the link on the right hand sidebar of the website. The old link will no longer work, so don't use it - or you'll be sitting alone in the dark wondering where everyone else is.