We made it! The final day went without any problems, and I managed to make an improvement to the sound levels from the radio interface, so thanks to Chris for letting me know about that. I have to have the input level set to around 15 for WSJT-X and any other digital software and 100 for Zoom. Just another setting I have to remember to change when swapping backwards and forwards between different applications. Bob and Chris on Zoom today. Dick unable to log in on his mobile from Jack & Jill car park. You just can't get a decent signal up there  :p

Chatting briefly to Dick (great 5 & 9 + 10 signal today) I have to agree that having an antenna available on the top of the downs would be incredible. If we had a source of power and somewhere to stick a little Ubiquiti Air Max NanoBeam AC Gen2 WiFi dish to link back to the club shack with its existing 70Mbps backhaul capability (being directly opposite the Burgess Hill BT exchange), it would be the dream ticket. We could stream 10MHz of I/Q data directly into the big network, no problem. I wonder if we have Line-of-Sight?

Shack to Jack

In between all my other projects, I'm going to try an old Pi3b and my RSPdx on a new fast (100Mbps down, 20Mbps up) fibre connection which I'll hopefully have available from next Tuesday. I can remote the RSPdx, and we can have a play with that.

Until then, enjoy the improving band and weather conditions.


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