Interesting lunchtime net today (and we were back on 21.345 MHz) with many of the usual suspects in attendance.

Good to chat with all of you, and nice to see Merv and Dick popping up on Zoom to join the virtual side of the Net.

The audio that I'm porting into Zoom is the receive audio straight out of the radio, so I apologise that none of my overs were heard via Zoom. I don't think there's anything I can do about that with this setup, but of course it could be done somehow if we really wanted to in the future. I could always run a second instance of Zoom elsewhere in the shack with a regular microphone for example.

I should say, that during my 'silent' overs, I did inform the Net of the presence of the Zoom attendees and passed on the messages from Dick, which was my main motivation for hitting the PTT button in the first place.

What I'm interested in doing going forward is to have a receiver in the club shack that we can access remotely. That means that all of us can effectively have an additional receive antenna in a location that isn't our home QTH, yet is local enough that our Nets can be properly heard by our friends overseas, as well as those in local dead spots, those with severely compromised antenna situations, or with bands completely outside of their current receiving capabilities. I'm convinced we could do that with a little SDRPlay and a Raspberry Pi or similar without falling foul of any Hall rules or insurance clauses and without breaking the bank. It will just take a little resolve and some organising. Maybe we could use battery power for example. I don't know. Something to look into.

I hope everyone has found it interesting, and can see the benefits of being able to do such a thing. Zoom isn't the permanent answer, but it has helped us explore one or two new avenues.

Anyway, let's see what tomorrow brings, and also look forward to Phil's second Marconi talk tomorrow evening.

73, M0XYF

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