Transatlantic QSOJust a quick update from me (no more video uploads this week, as it's just too time consuming).

Everything went well again today, although band conditions weren't so good. For the third time this week, we had to shuffle on down the band to 21.343 MHz due to a couple of strong German stations taking up residence on 21.346 MHz from around 13:15 each day.

Small snippets of David (WB1EAD) wafted across the pond, but nothing heard from Steve GJ6WRI - even though Dick G0LFF/M drove up to Firle Beacon to maximise his chances of a contact. Bob N4XAT and Chris M7VJE joined the Zoom stream. Hope you start feeling better soon Chris.

It seems to work well for Zoom participants, but they obviously only get to hear what I hear. David was making it into me better yesterday - similar to what Russell was hearing based on his reports from yesterday. Sadly I get nothing from Ray, but glad that he's doing some good work on CW. Well done to him.

Bob isn't around tomorrow - he's on his Navy HF Net, but he said that he'll try and join us again on Friday.

If anyone else wants to get in on the act tomorrow (and you don't have to be a member, or even be licenced) then you will be made very welcome.

73, M0XYF.

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