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Dear members.

Looking forward to 2022 we should all surely have a little hope in our hearts for better times than we've experienced in the last 24 months. Various members have been working hard to keep the Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society alive and kicking during the numerous lockdowns and restrictions. Sometimes I've questioned if it's really worth pouring so much effort into a society that currently has so few members. But here's what's kept me motivated - personal messages of thanks and support from nearly every one of those members. Contributions to the website from several sources to help me keep it interesting and attractive. Regular attendees to all the Zoom meetings I've run over the last year. Thank you all. You know who you are, so I won't embarrass you by listing your names.

Particular thanks to all those members who have completed their online membership form this year. A couple of good old-fashioned all-nighters were required produce it, and although it makes no sense for a club of this size, your patronage demonstrates your support of my efforts. I am also greatly encouraged by a number of extremely generous donations that have been received of late via the Online Donations Form I produced. It's truly heart-warming to know that so many of our small band are doing their bit to ensure the club's future, be it financially or in terms of time donated. Thanks too to those members that have offered to step up and give a talk this year, and to those that facilitate those events. Well done.

Thanks to everyone that has posted on our Facebook page, followed our Twitter feed, or watched one of our YouTube videos. Thanks to those who have worked on breathing new life into our neglected and broken shack hardware, to those who have run or joined one of our many nets this year.

One final thank-you to those honorary members who maybe haven't completed a membership form in a while. Thanks for making sure your data is up to date by completing a form. It may seem a little unnecessary, but we have a duty to make sure all the information we hold on individuals is up to date. It would leave the club exposed legally if we were not able to demonstrate our efforts to do this, so we appreciate your understanding.

With the latest little flurry of membership applications in the last two days, I can tell you that the membership count now stands at 21, including two paper applications. This is an up-to-date figure, as I've been speaking to Mike and Stella regularly. Please don't leave it until the end of February cut-off to re-join. The club could really do with the reassurance of knowing how many members it has for planning purposes, and how much money it has to work with over the next twelve months. If members are working hard to juggle their hard-earned after Christmas, we get that - that's why we allow such a long grace period, but if you're 'just too busy' you no longer have an excuse. You could have re-joined and paid in the time it's taken you to read this article. 18 members from last year still haven't re-joined, and we definitely need you all back on-board.


Berni M0XYF