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From The President's Corner

Those of you with long memories may remember that this used to be a monthly column appearing in the MSARS Newsletter but I find that the last time it appeared was on the 10/09/2020 when I wrote about the emerging threat of Covid which had made it impossible for us to continue meeting at Cyprus Hall.

I reminded members that the MSARS HF, VHF and UHF nets were the way we should keep in touch and I am pleased to note that all these nets are still flourishing and new technology has added Zoom and other digital methods to enable members to continue to contact each other.

The Newsletter has been replaced by our own website under Berni M0XYF and this includes not only notes on current matters and our Programme for 2022 but is a repository for old articles, photos and videos going back years.

Berni has spent countless hours developing the site and it’s now one of the best websites I’ve seen anywhere and members should make it a habit to refer to it regularly. If you are reading this article you’ve already logged on but if you don’t do so you will not become aware of what MSARS are planning.

To all readers I send my best wishes for a Healthy and Peaceful Christmas and 2022. I will continue to run the HF nets as long as I can and urge all members to regularly participate in one or more MSARS nets until we are allowed to meet at Cyprus Hall once again free of all restrictions.

As I’ve said many times before MSARS is our Radio Club. Let’s all enjoy it!

73 es 88


President MSARS