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Everyone's understandably fed up hearing about it by now, but yes, from today (Friday 10th December) all meetings at Cyprus Hall will mean the wearing of face coverings once again - including in the toilets and kitchen area. So just to be clear, if you encounter masked people in the toilets, there's probably no cause for alarm.

Next Friday (17th) is the last meeting of 2021. The dates for 2022 are already on the website events calendar (well, those for the first quarter at least, I'll be adding the rest soon) so feel free to take a look. You need to click the 'Following Year' button to view them right now.

There was no GB3HY net this week. Not sure why, but quite a few of us spent an amusing evening on Zoom putting the world to rights, and I will endeavour to continue the Zoom nets throughout the festive period. Join us if your relatives are getting a bit too much and you need some anarchic radio chat in your life.


Berni M0XYF