Most of you will know that the HF antenna at Cyprus Hall needs the 300Ω feedline repairing again following yet another break at gutter level and whilst this can be done it seemed sensible to consider if a different antenna might be more suitable and prove more long lasting.

After discussion amongst those members used to HF operations and with the help and assistance of Phil G4UDU it was decided that an end fed ½ wave antenna could be constructed that avoided the use of 300Ω feedline entirely and would fit between the existing poles on the roof of Cyprus hall.

Such an antenna could be matched on all HF bands using the MFJ tuner we already possess. The feedpoint would be at the end of the building nearest to the car park and would incorporate a matching unit which would act as the junction between the antenna wire and a coaxial cable (possibly mini 8) which would then be routed along with the VHF and UHF coaxial feeders into the shack. There would also be a small loading coil at the far end of the antenna near to the entrance in Cyprus Hall.

No more 300Ω feedline getting caught in the gutters, no more junctions between 300Ω line and coax subject to wind and rain. This proposition has been agreed with your Committee and a robust version of the antenna has now been constructed and will be tested on all HF bands at all power levels up to 400 watts before being installed hopefully in the very near future.

The installation of this new antenna will enable the HF transceivers at Cyprus Hall to put out a much better signal than the present arrangement. Much work has been done on this project but it does need MSARS members to use the new antenna or we shall have wasted our time. Remember, as I’ve said before MSARS is a radio club so let’s hear it on the air every time we have a meeting at Cyprus hall.

Ken Gibson


President, MSARS

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