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Dear Members,

As you all know the dreaded Covid-19 is still with us.

Since August 2021 we have returned to our weekly meetings and have had several Talks and also our Autumn Surplus Equipment Sale.

However the attendance for these meetings has been very low, so we have taken the decision that as from 14th January 2022 we will be meeting fortnightly instead of weekly. This will save approx. 50% on our annual rent expenditure, and in view of this we will continue to leave the full membership fee at £25 for 2022.

As you will be aware, we still have other annual costs that we have to meet, namely Insurance, Fire Extinguisher Service, PAT testing (24 monthly) and Affiliation Fee.

This decision has not been taken lightly and maybe we will review the situation, although of course a new committee may take a different view.

We will also try to organise outdoor events that will give an opportunity to meet in between our fortnightly hall meetings.

Looking forward, the Society is made up of you the members and without your support and help, it will not be a functioning SOCIETY.



Russell M Nelson G7TMR

Hon. Chairman