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Those of you who are considering installing a new antenna now that the new cycle is underway might like to look at the website of the University of Sussex G4AQC for a few ideas for your back garden wink

No wonder that the University station is a really big signal when they are working contests!

[Webmaster: I'd like to put a link in here, but their webmaster is asleep on the job, and they have no security certificate in place - so just search for 'Amateur Radio Society G4AQG']

They are also mentioned in an article in Decembers Radcom dealing with EMC. The article points out that the University's 850 feet Beverage antennas are suffering from RFI on top band emanating from the substation at Twineham near Bolney which feeds the 150kV output from the offshore wind farms which come ashore near Worthing and are buried underground to Bolney where it is transformed into 400kV to feed the National Grid. Kim will probably know all about that but it was news to me.

As I think I've said before, it's all about antennas!