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Radio Communications via the AurorasAn appetizer to John's lecture this coming Friday.

I have worked many many stations via the aurora on 2, 4 & 6m from Burgess Hill. It does require a yagi antenna to aim at a hot-spot on the auroral curtain and some power, TX has to be slow as the reflected signals are very distorted and ghostly sounding.

Visually you will not see the aurora anything like in photos - cameras 'see' a lot lot more, it is a diffused and opaque light needing a good 10-15 minutes for our eyes to adjust well away from any light pollution.

The clip is from my Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen right up to and round the North Cape to the Russian border where I did a ceremonial walk through the Russian border gate. Phil G4UDU did the same cruise a year later, and not to be out-done Jane McDonald followed for her Christmas series on TV. Enjoy and hope you get the call-sign of the station calling CQ Aurora :)

Make sure your sound is turned on!