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Going once. Going twice...

Chris M1CSE as auctioneer, Mike G8KMP as runner and Dave M0LDP as cashier

Some professional-level auction room deportment was clearly in evidence at last week's Surplus Equipment Sale, with Chief Auctioneer Chris M1CSE, ably assisted by Peter G4AKG working their way through a bumper collection of both radio and non-radio related goodies.

Chris M1CSE is bargain hunting, whilst Merv M0WVE already seems to have collected quite a pile

Numbers were noticeably down this year, several members being extra-cautious with regard to the blasted virus whose name we shall not mention, but I have to tell you that those that did show up snagged some ridiculous bargains. These included a working (or at least it is now...) Yaesu FT101 for a fiver. I may have got that horribly wrong, but I don't think so! Other lots were going for silly money too, like 50p or £1. A shame in some ways, but the society more than covered its costs, sellers got shot of stuff they no longer needed, and a whole load or hardware got recycled, which has got to be a good thing.

Attendees were also treated to freshly-prepared food and drink, and it was (as you can see) served with a smile. I think that price list was recycled from the 1970's... surely you can't buy a homemade cheese straw for 50p?

Stella M6ZRJ and Val - Service with a Smile

So in 2022, when we have our next junk sale, you'll know to get down there with a pocketful of cash. You wouldn't want to miss out a second time, right?

I'll not name everyone involved, but thanks go to all the helpers on the night, all the sellers for lugging your gear to the hall, and all the buyers for taking it away again. Thanks to Russell for supplying much of the junk and presiding over the raffle, and thanks also to Alan G8YKV who responded to my request for the photos in this article.