Jamboree On The AirThis weekend, Friday 15th October thru Sunday 17th October is #JOTAJOTI weekend. If you are fairly new to radio, then it may not be immediately apparent what this is, so here are the highlights.

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) is an annual celebration of radio operation by the global Scouting family, and is a big deal for that organisation. It's a fantastic mix of camping, global campfires, live shows, fun challenges and of course assisted and supported radio communications for our young people around the world. It's educational and a lot of fun.

Of course, with the pandemic situation last year, the vast majority of social gathering was curtailed, but inventive and creative as both Scouts and radio amateurs are, that didn't stop JOTA 2020 from taking place. What happened was that radio links were supplemented with Internet links, relays and bridges, allowing keen future radio operators to carry on regardless. #JOTI really did save #JOTA in 2020!

This year, the digital communications theme has rightly continued and expanded, and together with more traditional radio operation now provides a hugely exciting platform for promoting all communications technology, the values of global citizenship, and young people's role in creating a better world. Make sure that if you are on air this weekend, you make some time to welcome the amateurs of tomorrow.

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