Summary of the life and times of Louis Varney

Born: 9th June 1911

Died: 28th June 2000 aged 89

Louis Varney G5RV, - FOC7, RSARS795, RAOTA, RSGB, ARRL.

Call Signs Used: 2ARV (1927) - VP4RV - VP5RV - VP6RV - VP7RV - PJ5AA - PJ5CA - PX1RV - EP2RV - ON8RV - 9Y4RV - 8P6DF - VK9LV - YJ8RV - FO0RV - CX5RV - PY1ZAR - TU4AJ - EI2VPL - G5RV/GC - GI - GM - GW - F7 - PA0 - IL - IT1 - LA - SM - OZ - DL - CT1 - EA8 - VP9 - W2 - VE3 - XE1 - TG9 - YS - TI2 - HP1 - YV5 - HK3 - HC1 - OA4 - CE3 - LU - 9G1 - 5N2 - 5Z4 - 9J2 - 5U7 - XT2 - OD5 - VS6 - VK2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - ZP5. (Total of 60)

Photo by Ron Glover G0WGPInventor of the world-famous G5RV antenna, and member of the RSGB for 74 years. He moved to Burgess Hill in November 1968. At the January 1969 AGM of the Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society (MSARS), Louis was made President. At the January 1977 AGM Louis was voted ‘Life President’ of MSARS (23 Years).

Louis presented a trophy to the club, to be awarded to the person that the committee selected, for ‘Outstanding work or achievement above 30 MHz’.

Louis’ first and main hobby was his amateur radio, and his collection of antique radio equipment & valves, but he also enjoyed painting, gardening and foreign languages. His own collection included a ‘Rice’ microphone, various valves and several pieces of telegraph equipment, now at the Museum of Submarine Telegraphy at Porthcurno, Penzance, Cornwall.

While with the Marconi Company he was a ‘Technical Representative’ for Venezuela Marconi, including traveling to Peru and the Caribbean. He was then head-hunted by Preece, Cardew & Rider, to install and commission radio stations as a Consultant Engineer for NATO in Paris, Europe and Middle East etc. Occasionally he returned to the stations to confirm their operation. Whilst Louis worked for the Marconi company he shook hands with Mr Marconi*.

A portrait of Louis Varney was commissioned by MSARS (by artist Ken Farmer) and unveiled on November 9th 2001 at Marle Place. It now hangs in the radio shack at Cyprus Hall.

Louis was a delightful man, and a great personality. His G5RV Licence was granted to MSARS by his wife Nelida Varney. More information on Louis Varney is available here on the Mid-Sussex Amateur website.

*Guglielmo Marconi took out the first wireless telegraph patent in June 2, 1896. In 1901 Marconi succeeded in transmitting and receiving signals between Newfoundland and Cornwall. Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909.
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