Previous club newsletters, called "Mid Sussex Matters" are a goldmine of great information and club news dating back many years. Here we have assembled those from 2020. They are in .pdf format, and you will therefore requre Adobe Reader or a suitable browser plugin to read them.


January 2020 - (1.7MB)
February 2020 - (2.8MB)
March 2020 - (3.4MB)
April 2020 - (2.0MB)
May 2020 - (2.6MB)
June 2020 - (2.9MB)
July 2020 - (2.1MB)
August 2020 - (2.5MB)
September 2020 - (1.3MB)
October 2020 - (2.0MB)
November 2020 - (3.7MB)
January 2021 - (2.6MB)


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