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Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
  1. Good stuff. Thanks Stella. Saved me a job! I assume you'll also send this to the non-groups.io members?

    I also just posted this article onto the website:




  2. Hi All



    Please find attached letter.


    You can now fill in online at https://msars.org.uk/homepage/join you can also pay online as well if you feel comfortable, if not you have the option to still pay by BACS, Cheque or Cash.


    If you would prefer you can download and print a paper copy of the Membership Application Form rather than fill in online as you have done before.


    If you do not have a printer please feel free to either email myself m6zrj@... or come to one of our meetings and there will be one there for you to fill in or take away and return to Mike Pollock our Membership Secretary.




    Stella Rogers

    Hon Treasurer



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  3. Yes, don’t make my mistake and leave mic audio live while running the video. Ends up with double instance of video audio!



    Dear Members


    Please find the Draft dates for 2022 at Cyprus Hall.


    The programme is interspersed with both the Mills Weekend & VHF/NFD Weekend if we have enough volunteers to set up, break down and run the station/s. We have attended several Town Day Events at Burgess Hill, Hurstpierpoint & Haywards Heath, this again though needs several volunteers for both set up & break down plus manning the station.


    Also we will be having during the summer some Fox Hunts, Treasure Hunts which will be on the Fridays that we do not meet at the Hall but these are still to be firmed up.


    As you will be aware Bernie is prepared to run a Zoom meeting on the Friday evenings that we do not meet at Cyprus Hall.





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  5. Yes John

    Correct on the audio issues - it has to be enabled for the share - but the other thing to take into consideration is the mic audio for the presentation - do you want that mixed as an overlay on off when video is playing.

    The easiest way is to use one of the sites that enable you to download the YouTube video and embed the whole lot into the PowerPoint presentation that way it just runs as part of the total event.

    BUT - will windows cope with it ?

    Easy with Keynote on the MAC - but the CPU loading could get marginal on windows with powerpoint.

    The easy way is an embedded url the at the required point it live streams - possibly adverts as well !

  6. Hi Phil,

    No, embedding is the notion of running the video within the Google Slides application in the same way as you do in a web site. You don’t download the video. It runs on YouTube but in the app.

    As Phil says, other meeting apps have advanced and can offer this too - but often the problem is in using the video audio. Some meeting platforms have a switch that you have to find marked ‘use application audio’ or something like that.

    Suggest taking Phil up on his offer if you want to use Zoom. Watchword is test. So often all seems well but then fails on the night.

    Big thing about Google Slides is the app is in the cloud so easy to also run YouTube also in the cloud. All running under Google Meet - also in the cloud.


  7. John


    Thanks for your interesting reply. I have never used google slides or google meet before, and I assume when you say embeded, the video file will have to be downloaded and hyperlinked in the presentation. Downloading is my fall back using 5kPlayer. The video is fine but no sound, possibly due to a codec problem with this set-up. Same problem when playing back with VLC. Any YouTube downloading ideas ?


    Weather has just turned decidedly wintry here in the last half hour.




    Sent from Mail for Windows


  8. Re Zoom and video

    I have done this before for training videos

    I have just completed a test - just in case the latest ZOOM version had changed the options.

    I ran the meeting then chose to share a screen - this was a web browser screen displaying YouTube - the video runs and the sound works ok and shares to the connected “Zoomers"

    So it would seem it all functions.

    If you would like to see a demo Phil - give me a call and I will set up a Zoom meeting and show you

    73 Phil G4UDU
  9. Hi Phil, 

    There is to my knowledge no good way of running video in a seamlessly presentation using YouTube and meeting platforms.

    The ultimate is to build the slide show using Google Slides. Then embed the video and run on Google Meet. That IS seamless. See my video at 


    John GM8JBJ

  10. Fellow amateurs, who may be interested in my Marconi presentations, I would normally use PowerPoint with links to YouTube videos. I have had problems with Zoom and YouTube links before. Is there a software solution to this or would it be best to download the videos first and just have file links ?

    May be necessary to try a dummy run to check if things would work out on the night.


  11. All fair points.

    People are just going to have to rely more on the events page of the website to find out what's going on (and/or read any direct communications). I do try my very best to keep the website bang up to date, but I can't make people look at it before leaving home for the club (or not, as the case may be). Members will just have to take a little bit of responsibility.

    You probably all know that I'm a fan of Zoom in situations where i feel there's a discernable benefit. I'm not a day-to-day user, but I've come to realise that there are clear social benefits and therefore benefits to the club in using it where it adds value. I run the existing Zoom net on a Wednesday evening, but I'm personally not in favour of integrating the radio and Zoom sides of it any closer by enabling audio crossover for example. Mainly because it's just too clunky as well as being both onerous and tedious.

    Zoom participation rates are also very low. I sometimes wonder if it's worth doing, but as long as a couple or three of us pitch up I'll run it as often as I can. I'm also happy to switch to Friday nights if there's a good reason to.

    I don't think it's worth spending £120 on a Zoom upgrade. Sure, it would be nice to have, but that's nearly FIVE full membership fees. Doesn't sound like good value when we only have 30 members and most people won't use it.

    I might change my mind if Omicron sends us all back to the cupboard-under-the-stairs for 2022.

    Protect and Survive my friends. And make sure you re-join next year. Let's all help look out for each other. Including the fire extinguisher maintenance fella. He has young kids you know.

    Berni M0XYF
  12. Morning

    I have read the message from Russell and here are a few comments and ideas that maybe others would like to comment on.

    First the idea of meetings every two weeks, we did try this at Worthing a few years ago and it sort of worked some of the time but often there was confusion as to which week the meeting was going to be on and generally the numbers at each meeting suffered because of it - all down to the confusion. But certainly give it a try it may work absolutely perfectly

    An idea for the weeks when we are not at Cyprus Hall - we previously had zoom meetings together with a HY operation which again works in a reasonable fashion but still it's all a bit disjointed.

    Zoom Meetings - other clubs are doing it I've even heard of a surplus equipment sale that was held over zoom with the items being shown and then everyone bidding remotely - so many things are possible. But I think the one thing that needs doing is the club needs to subscribe to Zoom. A MSARS Account would cost £120 a year and would enable meetings of any time length and not be constrained by the 40 minute rule of an unlicensed meeting.

    It would be easy to enable at 7:45 every other Friday, there could also be screen sharing enabled so you can display what you've been up to either visually or showing a program such as data modes or antenna design or even pictures with places and events you've been doing/going to and show others on the zoom meeting.

    The Zoom process can sometimes be chaotic - but the good old classroom rule of “Hold Your Hand Up” usually works and gets attention that you would like to get a word in !

    So Comments please

    Phil G4UDU
  13. Hi All,


    For those of you that cannot resolve Open Office Files (ODT), here is Russell's email in Word Format.







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  14. From: inac <inac@...>
    Date: 23 November 2021 at 00:37:48 GMT
    To: Mike Mundy <g0gnv@...>
    Subject: Octubre/2-Uk
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