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Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
  1.  Hi Peter,

    I will be there.

    Mike  G8KMP

  2. Hi Peter and all,
                                     I do intend to be there.
    Chris M0NCJ.

  3. Dear Peter,
    Please count me in for Friday/Cyprus Hall/ Phil’s presentation of remote op of Flex radio.

  4. Hi Peter
    I will be there.


  5. Hi  Everyone
                    This weeks meeting is a Radio Night..Phil G4UDU will be demonstrating a Flex Radio Setup linked back to his Home Station..You can Test Drive this if you wish it should
    be very interesting. I look forward to seeing as many of you that can attend.
    To this end can you Email me if you are able to come along please..
                 See you friday
  6. Those who attended Friday's 'Meet the Committee' meeting no doubt heard many proposals put forward by various members, myself included, on several important club-related matters. I said that I would tidy up my notes and post them in the members-section of the website, which I have now done.

    Anyone interested can read them here:


    Yes, of course you have to login! You don't think I'm going to post this kind of inflammatory material on the open web do you?



    Berni M0XYF

  7. This flyer has some useful tips which could be expanded with a bit of imagination.

  8. No joy with my Icom, so rummaged around in the SDR toybox and obtained this:

    using this profile:

    Not bothered about enhancing the image or whatever. That's not really my thing. Will play more though with optimising my reception setup, possibly including a temporary home-built helical antenna and also look at the Russian Meteor-M2, if we're still allowed to play with that.



  9. Hi all,

    This is bringing back memories! Almost 50 years to the day, two friends and I won an old scholars’ scientific society grant at school to build a weather satellite receiving and decoding system. It would be the early days of the NOAA weather satellites and we did the project in a couple of months over summer.


    Line up was a crossed 10-element in circular polarisation (scaled from a 2m design) on a 20ft pole on the roof, re-tuned 144MHz converter (made on Vero board from a Wireless World design) and an Eddystone EC10 receiver as tuneable IF. Tracking was with a couple of lines and pulleys.


    Then a decoder board to have the line-by-line scans drive an X-Y plotter (another WW design). Images were burned onto electrostatic paper to give black and white and [maybe] greyscale. With the exception of the EC10, all homebrew.


    Lots of smoke and mirrors when it came to the report-back talk at the end. Much imagination needed to see anything (it should have looked like a black and white version of Phil’s image), but we learned a lot. And the live received signal in the lecture hall sounded just like Merv’s audio clip. All the ‘old scholars’ were suitably amazed – or so they very kindly said!

    John GM8JBJ


    John Berry

    Mob. 07553 250 919
    Willowburn, Kirkton, Hawick, Scottish Borders, TD9 8QJ

  10. Has anyone actually decoded anything, and if so, what antenna did you use?

    I've had diddly out of my white stick. APT is apparently an AM sub-carrier within a 36kHz WFM signal. That doesn't seem to fit with my radio's AM, narrow band FM or wide band FM modes. I've yet to try it on an SDR where I could set the bandwidth more accurately.

    I get the best audio response using AM, but nothing decoded over multiple passes today.

    I'm thinking I probably need a dedicated helix antenna, which I'm not really ready to subject the neighbours too, though I could potentially stick it up inside my plastic owl <<stealth>>.



    Download full-resolution images
    Available until 14 Jun 2022
    So here is my trusty boefeng with rubber duck aerial listening to NOAA 15 at 18:35 tonight and my Boefeng with a V aerial listening to NOAA 19 at 18:32.
    Click to Download
    14.5 MB
    Click to Download
    26.2 MB
  12. So here is a small clip of the NOAA 18 WX satellite pass at 13:08 today.

    The poor quality was because I was upstairs indoors on 137.9125Mhz using a cheap boefeng handheld and its rubber duck antenna.

    In my book this proves that by adding a simple antenna outside you can easily capture the data as Phil said.

  13. That should create some interest Phil
  14. The place to be in the sun this morning …….

    Phil G4UDU

  15. 80m net listening on Hack Green only this morning despite conditions this morning there were strong signals heard from everyone.

    More info here on receiving weather satellites that Phil G4UDU is promoting.