Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
  1. Don’t forget, we are back 9n Cyprus Hall this evening!!!!!!!!

    /\/\ike G1tdl
    The Homestead
    Burgess Hill
    RH15 0RQ
  2. Great News Russell.

    73 Tony

  3. Hello everyone,
    YES we can return to Cyprus Hall on Friday evenings.
    Masks or Faceshields not required but expect some will still wish to.
    Social distancing not required but we need to respect others.
    We are required to sanitise tables and chairs that we use so please do not rush out at the end and expect others to do it every time (hall are supplying materials).
    Please let other members who are not on the good news.
    So hope to as many of as possible on Friday.

    Russell Nelson G7TMR
    Hon Chairman
  4. You may be interested in these IET webinars.

    Phil Brown

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  5. 27 July 2pm.
  6. Dear members here is another IET talk entitled :

    Celebrating the inaugural transatlantic telegraph message from Hearts Content, Newfoundland, to Valentia, Ireland in 1866


    Use this link to book :




    PS. Advertised time is 2pm.

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  7. Really impressive creature. Heard you mention it on the 80m net this morning, and had a little Google.

    Enjoy your not-radio!

    Berni M0XYF

  8. Lots of VHF/UHF radio at this time of year for me, but just too show I do get involved in other things than radio

    Privet Hawk Moth

    Britains biggest

    Phil G4UDU

  9. Booked. Thanks for the heads-up Phil.

    Berni M0XYF

  10. Whoops, no physical attendance of the Aspidistra site is organised for this year, but the IET link is valid. 


  11. Dear members


    The Institution of Engineering and technology (IET) are organising a Zoom style presentation on Wednesday 8 September at 7pm entitled ‘Aspidistra and the Broadcast Group of the Diplomatic Wireless Service including the WW2 transmission of black propaganda’. As you should already know, G6KMP is organising an actual visit to the site on 20 August, so this is your opportunity to view this fascinating scenario from several directions !


    You do not need to be a member of the IET to attend, and I advise you to contact the IET and claim your place via


    Phil Brown




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  12. I hope there's a good turnout this evening. Unfortunately I can't be there, but if somebody could snatch a few photos and a summary of the results, I'd be very happy to post them on the website.

    I'll be listening in on the Fox's Tx frequency, and may even stream the output on Zoom. I'm not sure why I would do that, but then again, why not. And don't ask me for a bearing from my home QTH!

    Good luck everyone, and thanks again to Stella, Alan and everyone else involved.

    Berni M0XYF
  13. Hi all,

    Just been on the 20m lunch time net.

    The path length from here to Sussexc is about 350km. Way too short for F layer propagation at 14MHz. All Sussex stations were 5/9+. Barry in Sweden was likewise but I'd have expected that from F. So I'm going to suggest that was Sporadic E. Certainly reflection from the lower ionosphere.

    And it was sporadic. No sooner than Kim and Russell had called in (about 10 minutes after me) than the Sussex stations faded to nothing. The normal state.

    All good fun.

    John GM8JBJ


    John Berry

    Mob. 07553 250 919
    Willowburn, Kirkton, Hawick, Scottish Borders, TD9 8QJ

  14. Dear Stella and Alan,

    Sorry that I shall not be able to take part in support of the event and MSARS but hope that it goes really well with lots of entries,interest and fun.

    Well done for organising it and keeping MSARS going well.


    Gavin - G6DGK.

  15. Tomorrow Evening Friday 9th July Come & Join the MSARS Fox Hunt

    7.15pm ready for 7.30pm first transmission.


    All the Hounds will be starting from Cyprus Hall Car Park.


    Normally everybody meets there from approx 7.15pm.


    Sealed envelopes will be passed out to those teams that take on the Foxes, inside will be the location of the Pub for those who give up!


    The first transmission will be sent from the Foxes location at 7.30pm, we will be using 145.375Mhz +/- QRM, this will be 2 mins long and we will be then transmitting for 1 min every 15 mins after that at 7.45, 8.00 & 8.15 etc.


    If nobody has found us by this point some general clues will be slipped out during the 1 minute chat so listen carefully or your drinking time in the pub may be short!


    For those that are new to this you will need, ideally 2m Handheld & small Beam Antenna, Map (OS 198), Pencil, Ruler & Compass for plotting signal direction.


    Alan G8YKV will write a short guide on how to go Fox Hunting for those that have never done it before and send it to you tomorrow for publication to go with this.




    Stella M6ZRJ

    Alan G8YKV


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