Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
  1. Hi Folks.

    No zoom meeting tonight, as I've disconnected all my antennas due to the expected electrical storms.

    Friday night zoom should go ahead, but I'll be absent due to my football-watching commitments!

    Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the revised unlocking date.


    Berni M0XYF

    Our club had a close relationship with St Dunstans.
    Our late President Louis Varney, G5RV, and I were invited to dinner there together with our xyl’s.
    It was the weekend following the hurricane. Their swimming pool windows had been blown in.


    Mike G1TDL/G0GNV
  3. Thank you Berni for the information and warning.
  4. Please read this entire communication.

    Ken Gibson's email and/or computer has been hacked, and malicious scam emails are being sent from his email address, or similar looking email addresses. The scammers are asking for help to purchase Google Play gift cards for his niece. I was very tired when I read my email late last night and thought it was real, and so replied to 'Ken' to find out more. A follow up this morning from the scammers asked me to purchase three £100 gift 'scratch' cards and email the codes! That made me realise straight away that this wasn't right and I phoned Ken to alert him. He was already aware, so now I'm writing to let you all know and ensure no club member is caught out. I know other members have also received these emails. Ken has arranged for someone to come and fix his computer and email ASAP.

    Stay safe!

    Berni M0XYF
  5. Also check 10m & 12m

    Full of signals

    Phil G4UDU
  6. Eeee

    Now towards SE

    OK2RO 59 50.132 59

    Phil G4UDU
  7. Still s8 here on SSB plus CW stations as well - at 1300 GMT - prop now moving to SW

    Phil G4UDU

  8. Think I’ve come in on the back end of the opening. Managed one Italian. Dying away now.


  9. Take a look on 6m nice Sporadic E opening to Southern EU

    Time now 1048 UTC

    Phil G4UDU
  10. Already screen-grabbed them :)


  11. Hi Berni. Certainly. Do put on the site.
    Might also be worth adding copies of the Kp and disturbance graphs?


  12. Thank you John. Well written and very interesting. May I post a copy on the website please?

    Berni M0XYF

  13. Hi all,

    It’s nice to have firsts!


    Yesterday afternoon the planetary K index ( rose from a dormant Kp=1 to a healthy Kp=7. Kp characterises geomagnetic  storms.


    In parallel, the aurora-predicting geomagnetic disturbance level went from green to amber and then red, breaching the 200nT threshold at about 15:30 UTC ( 


    So, I turned the newly installed 6 metre Yagi north. And there was a radio aurora in full swing with MM5DWW on Orkney working the world – or at least those north of 55 degrees. We exchanged 5/7 both ways and went on our way – him to work yet more, and me to listen to a couple of CW stations. There were also some ethereal voices that might – or might not – have been other SSB stations.

    My Great Circle distance to Orkney is 400km, but the actual path length will have been significantly more to the scattering medium further north and back to Orkney. In an aurora, all stations generally beam north.


    The radio aurora was gone by 16:30 and 6 metres reverted to its normal flat state.


    I’d heard radio auroras as a teenager but never had the necessary kit to work them, so it was good to tick that box. I’ve now got a feeder run and Yagi to install for 2 metres, so next time I’ll be able to compare the bands. 


    And next time I’ll remember to record the activity. The voices are heavily distorted by the Doppler shift caused by the movement of the free electrons in the auroral columns doing the reflecting. You’ve to listen hard. There’s no time for exchange of pleasantries.

    Radio auroras are infrequent. Sometimes, they are intense enough and at a low enough latitude to support southern stations. If you're interested, install the AuroraWatch and SpaceWeatherLive apps.


    John, GM8JBJ


    John Berry

    Mob. 07553 250 919
    Willowburn, Kirkton, Hawick, Scottish Borders, TD9 8QJ

  14. Hi Phil,

    Think they have corrected it! My booking acceptance actually quotes 7.30 p.m.



  15. If you intend to view this lecture which covers some aspects of amateur radio, please note that the advertised start time of 8:30pm may be wrong. 7:30pm is more believable. You may only view the Q&A session if you keep to 8:30pm. I have been caught out by this IET timing error before, possibly computer generated.