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Informal use of the most common Q-codes

QRG - Frequency

QRM - Interference from other stations

QRN - Interference from atmospheric noise or from nearby electrical apparatus

QRO - High-power

QRP - Low-power

QRT - Close(d) down

QRV - Ready

QRX - Stand by

QSB - Fading

QSL - Verification card; confirm contact

QSY - Change frequency

QTC - Message

QTH - Location

QTR - Time


Note also: QTHR means: Address is correct in the current RSGB yearbook

International Morse Code

1. The length of a dot is one unit.

2. A dash is three units.

3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit.

4. The space between letters is three units.

5. The space between words is seven units.