Alex Henderson M0TOT has got itchy fingers again, and this time he has decided that an upgrade to his BT master socket and router cabling is needed in an attempt to clean up his broadband DSL, and he has kindly documented the process should anyone else be considering a similar move.

It should go without saying that if you have any reservations about your confidence or competence in attempting such a swap-out, then you should call in a professional. Having said that, this is not a difficult job, and there is no mains electricity involved.

This is what Alex started with - the ubiquitous Openreach Mk3 split phone/DSL master socket:

So, the first step is to start unpicking the old socket:

Woah! Sorry, I meant to say that the first step is to buy all the stuff you need to do the work, including the best quality shielded and filtered S/FTP (Screened Fully shielded Twisted Pair) RJ11 cable you can find. This one happens to be from that great big emporium of everything online:

And you do need to get yourself one of the latest Openreach NTE5C master sockets. I do believe that Alex got his HERE.

Now you can transfer the wires over like for like.

BT Openreach's new NTE5C Installation Instructions are available to download below, as is the RSGB's guide to identifying VDSL inteference. Some of this may be of use to other members.

Good luck!

Openreach NTE5C Instructions

RSGB VDSL Interference Guide

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