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Yet more excellent project offerings from the workbench of Alex M0TOT, and this one's a cracker.

I'm very grateful to Alex for supplying me with his project documentation. If anyone else has anything to contribute in terms of self-constructed goodies, then please do get in touch.


Active Antenna for Rx - Top and PCB


Active Antenna for Rx - Top View


This is what Alex has to say about this really interesting active antenna:


"This is an unusual project; it may not be everybody’s ‘cup of tea’. Essentially it is an antenna-amplifier for receiving only, for the HF and VHF/UHF bands.


There is provision for connecting a telescopic whip for AM/FM, long wire, UHF and dipole. I believe the original designer, Tony Van Roon-Werten VA3AVR is now a Silent Key. The transistors can be found on the Internet.


I have a few spare boards, if anybody is interested in assembling this unit.


In order to check whether the item worked alright across the bands, I connected the Active Antenna output to my radio and attached a frequency generator to the antenna input in place of an outside aerial. Shown attached is a screen capture of the response of a 50 MHz signal on the radio. Other bands responded in a similar fashion.


Alex M0TOT"


Active Receive Antenna - 50MHz Test Signal Relayed into Radio