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Mills on the Air Weekend - Sunday
Sunday 08 May 2022
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Jack and Jill Mills are a superb location for radio operation, high up on the South Downs at Clayton, and so this is the perfect venue for 'Mills on the Air'. This weekend, we get to access the grounds of Jill Mill itself.

New to the hobby, or to 'Mills Weekend'? Like all the other 'On the Air' event series, this one is for local operators to temporarily occupy some special places and have a good old-fashioned radio session. Mills weekend is NOT a competition as such, just a good time and the chance to promote Amateur Radio while helping to preserve some of our heritage.

Various clubs, teams or groups of amateurs will approach their local windmill or watermill owners and societies to celebrate both our history and our communities during the second weekend in May each year. MSARS will be very happy to be back for 2022.