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The Hounds gathered in Cyprus road car park for this, the last Fox Hunt of 2019.

The teams comprised of:


Russell G7TMR

The Satellites:

Peter G4AKG, Mike G8KMP, Tony G3XQM.

and Mervyn M0WVE



The first transmission from the Foxe's Lair was at 7.30pm BST, and lasted for a duration of 2 minutes.

As the nights were closing in, all transmissions were 10 minutes apart, and all further transmissions were of 1 minute duration.

Copy based upon Alan and Stella's hand out with much appreciation.

From the start the signals were quite strong and appeared to be coming from a southernly direction.



The satellite Team took a long time to find the foxes. We had a feeling that the signals were emanating from around Ditchling, although the signal levels were not as strong as we thought they should be.

Then Mike had a brain wave - the penny dropped. We had been there before, on a different occasion.

The Car Park at St John the Baptist's Church Underhill Lane Clayton.

Refreshments at the Jack and Jill Inn, polished off an enjoyable evening.

Image below: Merv homing in.....



Congratulations to Russell, the Winner of the Fox Hunt