About Us

We are a group of local radio amateurs who meet at 7.45pm each Friday evening at Cyprus Hall in Burgess Hill West Sussex where we have a fully equipped radio shack allowing communications worldwide.

msars shack Our meetings range from talks by guest speakers or members on a variety of subjects, evenings on the air using the shack equipment, equipment sales and social gatherings or "Natter Nights"

Our members are of all ages and have interests in many aspects of Amateur Radio.

Members often bring along projects or help each other on construction or technical issues relating to the hobby during these evenings.

We also enjoy outdoor activities such as direction finding contests, participate in annual VHF field day competitions and regularly mount special event stations.

field day Amateur Radio is a great hobby that will last a lifetime, You can learn how to become an efficient radio operator and how to make your signals reach the far corners of the globe or chat to the astronauts on the International Space Station.

We have members who can not only transmit using voice but TV as well on licensed amateur frequencies. This is a good opportunity for younger people who may want a career in Electronics or Communications, as they will pick up many of the skills as they progress in the hobby.

We also hold short examination courses to teach techniques required to obtain an Amateur Radio licence.

Why not come along one Friday Evening and see what the hobby is all about? You will be very welcome, and we can give you a demonstration of the shacks radio equipment.






Club Net Times

All Times Local


0800 HF 3.74MHz +/- QRM

1100 VHF 145.350MHz

Weekdays Mon-Fri

1330 HF 14.345MHz +/- QRM

Wednesday & Friday Evenings

2000 GB3HY 70cm Repeater Net

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You are very welcome to join in with us, on any of our nets.

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