To Place an Advert

To place an advertisement, send an email to: providing the following information:

(1) Please indicate whether your advert is FOR SALE or WANTED.

(2) A short description of the item you wish to find or sell - up to 50 words max. Attach a photo if appropriate - this will increase your chances of success!

(3) The sale price.

(4) Contact details: Your MSARS email address i.e.; Showing your telephone number is important if you wish people from outside of the club to be able to contact you.

If you have several items to sell, e.g. shack clearance. These may be listed separately.

Tip: If you are photographing a working piece of kit, power it up. Better to show the front panel illuminated.

When giving contact details it should be kept in mind that potential buyers might not be club members.

Please note that your MSARS email address is 'Public', potentially enabling response from anyone.

Please advise when an item is acquired or sold.

Items will be automatically deleted from the list after 3 months unless you ask for them to remain listed.

Thank you - Tony G3XQM (Webmaster)

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Acceptance of Items for Sale

This is a Service to Members of The Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society, who wish to sell or find items of amateur radio and associated equipment.

The following will NOT be allowed:

Commercial Business Adverts

Goods Sold for Profit

Goods Manufactured for Sale

Non members are very welcome to make an offer on anything advertised.

The Society is not responsible for any advertisement placed, and all transactions that take place, are the sole responsibility between the buyer and the seller.